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Is there water in your basement?

Do you see cracks on the walls? Either of these situations could be the result of foundation problems.  To maintain the structure and integrity of your home, talk to the foundation repair Birmingham experts at FPS to determine the cause and also what options are available for getting things repaired.

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Providing foundation repair services, serving the Birmingham Al and surrounding areas.

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The foundation is arguably the most important part of your entire home. Cracks in the foundation or crawl space could be a sign of a bigger problem in your home. We perform foundation crack Repairs in Birmingham AL using the latest technologies and materials to help protect your basement against water intrusion and structural issues. 

  • Carbon fiber strips
  • Sump pumps
  • Tuck pointing
  • Poured concrete footer
  • Helical piers
  • Slab jacking
  • Crawl space encapsulation


foundation repair Birmingham AL

Foundation Repair Birmingham AL

In the Birmingham area, there have been plenty of issues surrounding faulty foundations. Our wet climate and unique soil composition put the foundation of your home or business to the test each and every day.  It is essential to know who to call for foundation repair Birmingham AL when the time comes. Our certified waterproofing and foundation professionals are ready to tackle your specific issue today. 

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Basement Waterproofing Birmingham AL

When it comes to basement waterproofing Birmingham AL nobody does it better than Foundation Pro Services. Maintaining the structural integrity of your home means keeping water outside where it belongs. You may ask, why do basements leak?

Here are just a few reasons you might see water in your basement

  • Basement Wall Cracks
  • Basement Floor Cracks
  • Ineffective Drainage
  • Clogged Drain Pipe at Basement Footing
  • Hydrostatic Pressure on Walls

We make house calls anywhere in and around Birmingham. We will provide a free estimate and explain exactly what your options are. 

basement waterproofing Birmingham AL
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sump pump Birmingham AL

Sump Pumps in Birmingham AL

A flooded basement can lead to dangerous mold and wood rot. This can lead to costly damages to your home and belongings and pose health risks to your family. Even the most watertight basement and crawl spaces should have a sump pump system in place to insure comprehensive moisture control.

Crawl Space Repair Birmingham AL

Outside of the obvious moisture issues with crawl spaces, structural integrity is just as important.  When crawl spaces are built, they are supported by piers placed under the support beams of the house. Over time, the soil these piers are supported by begins to settle. The piers can sink into the ground no longer supporting the floors above, leading to floors that sag. Sagging can cause cracked floor tiles and squeaky floors inside your house. To alleviate these issues, we can restore the crawl space piers to their designed height, thereby supporting the floors to their original height and making them level.

A solid foundation support system must be installed to create a permanent fix to your crawl space problems. Steel push piers are one of the methods used. These steel supports can be driven deep into the soil beneath your crawl space to provide solid and long-lasting support to the whole house.

Crawl space encapsulation Birmingham AL
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foundation repair birmingham al

Concrete Repair Birmingham AL

Another highly durable building material which has been at the forefront of most modern construction. Concrete is one of the most versatile materials that exist. After years of sustained wear and tear, even concrete becomes damaged and cracked. For this, our professional concrete craftsmen at Foundation Pro Services will be able to help. For our valued customers we can offer a plethora of concreting services, including concrete lifting, concrete crack repairs and concrete sealing.

Crawl Space Encapsulation Birmingham AL

What is crawl space encapsulation Birmingham? It essentially is what keeps water and moisture out of your crawlspace and living areas. No, you’re never going to be hanging out in your crawlspace, but you want to keep water out of there so it doesn’t seep into the foundation of your home. Controlling moisture from the wet earth is important for the health of your house and will also prevent mold from forming.

crawl space encapsulation birmingham al

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If you have questions about foundation repair in Birmingham Al, make sure to pick up the phone today and call our company. Our friendly and caring team of foundation experts will discuss different aspects of the project with you. If you want to get a specific price quote and time estimate for the remodeling work that you need done, simply let us know. We can schedule a time to come by for a consultation.