Avoiding Foundation Mistakes

Avoiding Foundation Mistakes
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The foundation of your home and its health can make a huge impact on its future value. When problems arise with your foundation, it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start. Luckily, there are several simple things you can do to ensure a healthy foundation for your home and peace of mind for you and your family for years to come.

Be Mindful when Landscaping

When landscaping around your home, consider how trees, bushes, and other shrubbery and their underlying roots can possibly upset or offset your foundation. Poor garden planning can cause unnecessary headaches for years to come, so make sure when planting trees and gardens to think ahead and leave plenty of space between them and your home.

It is also very important to keep the proper levels of moisture around the foundation. Having poor drainage or a flooded backyard can cause serious damage to your foundation over time and can cause cracks and weaknesses to form. In the heat of the summer, a foundation can become too dry and the ground around it needs to be watered in order to keep the ground around the foundation from contracting in the heat. Too much water, however, could only cause the opposite problem. Contact us to learn how to make sure your home and the ground around it is properly moist during the summer months. 

Don’t Ignore Your Gutters

Your home needs proper drainage on its roof in order to keep water from pooling around the foundation, as well. Clogged gutters and poor rainwater drainage can destroy even the strongest of foundations. Make sure that when the heat and the rainy seasons come, you are prepared and your home is well insulated against flooding. Over time, constant flooding from rainwater drainage can breach the walls and foundation of a home, leaving it open to damage from the elements. 

Call Us at the First Sign of Trouble

The simplest mistake that people make when dealing with their home’s foundation, is that they hesitate or wait too long to call a professional. As soon as you find issues or detect any problems in your foundation, you should call us immediately. Your home and your future depend on a strong and level foundation for your home, and any weaknesses could get worse over a very short period of time. Don’t wait! Give us a call for a free evaluation if you detect any issues, and we will be glad to help get your home back on the path to a strong foundation. 

If you are concerned about the condition of your foundation or if you have questions, call us today! We offer free inspections and quotes.