Don’t Panic! First Steps To Take For a Flooded Basement

Don-t Panic- First Steps To Take For a Flooded Basement — Foundation Pro Services - Foundation Repair
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During the winter months or times of sustained rainfall, a home’s foundation and basement can easily flood and take heavy damage from the elements. It is a common problem, though, and there are many simple steps you can take if your basement has already been flooded.

Turn off the Power

The first and most important step is safety. Make sure the electricity is turned off in your home so that you eliminate the possibility of electric shock. Water and electricity can be a deadly mix, so contact a professional if you cannot access the electrical box if it is in a flooded area of the home. Your utility provider may also be able to turn off the power and help you access the shut off switch.

Remove the Water

Next, you will need to remove the water from your basement or home via a wet-vac or drain. If this is something you don’t have access to or if the water levels are simply too high to remove on your own , call us! We can be there to remove the water and clean up for you.

Mold Prevention

Use towels and make sure to keep the area dry and sanitized so that mold and mildew cannot grow and spread throughout your basement. If you have an issue with mold because of a flooding problem, make sure to isolate it to one area and treat it often. Air circulation is the most important part of avoiding mold growth after you have completely dried the area. Fans are necessary to circulate the air in the area if there isn’t a central air system. We can supply and install dehumidifiers to keep the air dry and avoid mold growth after continued flooding.

Future Flood Prevention

If you care concerned about more flooding in the future, a sump pump system can help. Sump pumps are triggered by a rising water level, and pump it out and away from your home, keeping your basement dry.
Click here to learn more about sump pumps.
If you are experiencing flooding in your home, contact us today. We will pinpoint the cause of the leaks and give a free estimate on repairs and ways that you can waterproof your basement against future floods.