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Crawl Space Encapsulation

There are many dangers involved when water is present in your crawl space, so what can you do to correct it once a problem has been found? If you’re not sure how to spot a moisture issue, click here to read about the warning signs of water damage. Encapsulation is one way to protect your home and your family from crawlspace contaminants and improve your indoor air quality.

If you had a choice for your air conditioner to pull in contaminated moist air, or clean air, which would you pick? Obviously most people would choose clean air, they just don’t know the difference.

Mold needs moisture to live. A crawlspace pulls in outside air, and as that air passes over the air conditioning duct work, condensation is formed. Where there is condensation, there will eventually be moisture, and where there is moisture, there will be mold. Crawlspaces need clean, low moisture air, and encapsulation keeps moisture and Radon gas from entering in to the air and ultimately into your house. By adding a dehumidifier and condensation pump, the crawlspace climate can be controlled preventing mold, mildew, fungus and wood rotting moisture. This however is a costly option and one that does not address the root cause of the moisture.

What is encapsulation?

Encapsulation, or a polyethylene moisture barrier, is a heavy-duty lining that seals your crawl space.  This lining acts as a barrier, covering the walls, floors, and ceiling to prevent vapors and gasses from entering the home. It is sealed with double-sided foundation tape and caulk to create a leak-proof seal. Encapsulation is a great solution to problems like mold, mildew, moisture, radon, insects, and high energy costs.

Moisture Barriers

Here is an example of a typical moisture barrier installed in a basement.

What sets Foundation Pro Services apart?

We take encapsulation a step further with an Interior French Drain System. In this instance, we install reinforced 12 mil polyurethane material to cover the walls. Tiebacks act as braces to hold everything together. Pipes and trenches are installed to create an underground drainage system. In this type of encapsulation, water flows down the wall and into a sump pump through a french drain in the ground.

Encapsulation + drainage

Encapsulation combined with a French drain system and sump pump discharge line will cure most moisture issues.

Humidity Control

Once a crawlspace is encapsulated, it becomes more efficient at controlling moisture. A high moisture environment causes all sorts of issues, some that are harmful to your health.

Because of the way this type of moisture barrier is sealed, drywall can safely be installed over the encapsulation without any fear of leaks and mold! If you are experiencing any of the signs of water intrusion, give us a call today for a free estimate on encapsulating your crawl space.  The sooner you act, the more you save in expensive repairs and medical costs for your family.

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