Foundation Inspections: Helping you Invest In and Protect Your Home

Foundation Inspections- Helping you Invest In and Protect Your Home — Foundation Pro Services - Foundation Repair
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Shopping for a home is both exciting and confusing process. Having the right professionals to guide you through is key to making the wisest investment possible. This month, we are teaming up with Angela Stevens of Stevens Homes to give you everything you need to know about foundation, basement, and crawl space inspections.
Here in the state of Alabama, home sellers are not legally required to disclose problems, so you must do your own due diligence and make sure the home is a good one. Here at Foundation Pro Services, we offer FREE inspections to both home buyers and owners, and promise to give our honest, thorough, and educated evaluation of a home’s foundation before you buy.

What does a foundation inspection look for?

There are three core problems that we look for in a basement, crawl space, or foundation inspection:


Most cracks are caused by settling and are a simple repair, but leaving them unaddressed could mean costly repairs in the future as the crack progresses. Serious cracks could lead to structural and even health problems.


Bulges can lead to abnormal foundation settling, and in the worst cases, even building collapse!


Water coming in through cracks can pose other structural and health risks, including mold infestation.

Other Items

We also check for less obvious sings of trouble, like uneven floors, bowing or rotating walls, exterior cracks, and more.
Not all foundation issues are reason to panic! Some are just a natural part of normal settling, which is why it’s smart to continue inspections every few years after purchasing a home. If we spot a problem developing, we will give you a quote for repairs to consider in the purchase of your home. For a smooth transaction and expert advice in your home buying, contact Stevens Homes today!

If you’re shopping for a home, or if you are concerned about your existing foundation, call us today for a free inspection!