Foundation Repair Services in Birmingham, AL

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A foundation repair Birmingham company should be able to provide the best service possible to the homeowners. The process that the foundation repair Birmingham company uses is designed to minimize concerns and service inconveniences for the property owner. This crew can handle many different jobs and always deliver the project on time. This professional crew also uses professional-grade materials for the project. It is important to note that the quality of foundation repair Birmingham AL is highly dependent on the level of customer satisfaction.

Concrete lifting solution

The foundation repair process for a sunken slab in Birmingham, Alabama, often involves a concrete lifting solution, also known as poly lifting. Concrete lifting involves drilling small holes into a sunken slab, and a grout mixture is pumped into the voids underneath the concrete to raise the entire slab back to its original position. This method is perfect for sunken warehouse floors and uneven roadways. In addition to repairing foundation problems in homes, it is effective for commercial projects.

Another concrete lifting solution Birmingham contractors offer is PolyLift, a minimally invasive procedure that lifts the concrete slab in a matter of minutes. This method is especially effective for homes with damaged or sagging concrete because it requires very little excavation. It is also more affordable than outdated mudjacking methods and requires only one tiny hole. Unlike mudjacking, PolyLift does not require the use of expensive concrete patching products, which can cause additional damage to surrounding property.

Hydraulic pier restoration

Hydraulic pier restoration for foundation repair is a common method of fixing sinking and buckling foundations. This technique is relatively simple. After the foundation is excavated, holes are drilled and the pier is pushed through. The hydraulic ram pushes the pier in sections until the soil meets resistance and bedrock is reached. Depending on the soil conditions, the pier may be installed as deep as 25 feet below the ground surface.

A helical pier installation requires a significant amount of space. A torque motor, attached to a hydraulic machine, is attached to the helical pier and uses two or three crew members to hold the helical pier steady. The helical pier is then lowered to the appropriate soil, stabilized to counter foundation settlement, and relevéed. While this technique requires a large amount of space, the process requires only two to three crew members.

Concrete leveling solution

A concrete leveling solution for foundation repair in Birmingham, AL is a proven way to restore a sunken floor. This process, also known as poly lifting, involves drilling small holes in the sunken slab and pumping a grout mixture into the voids. This procedure restores the level of the concrete to its original position. A concrete leveling solution is a great option for commercial projects, sunken warehouse floors, uneven roadways, and many more.

Another technique is called mudjacking. While this method can lift a sunken concrete slab, it is costly and disruptive to the home. A concrete leveling solution for foundation repair Birmingham can fix the underlying problem. Polyurethane foam fills the voids under the concrete slab, which forces the sunken area back to its original level. Once the polyurethane foam fills the voids, it stabilizes the soil below the structure.