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Expert Foundation Repair Birmingham AL

A foundation problem is one of the worst kinds of home problems to discover. Unless you are very serious do it yourself with some serious equipment and knowledge, you will need help from foundation repair Birmingham AL specialists. We have experts who are ready and waiting to help you repair your foundation. Your basement has many uses, storage, tranquility, peace, and quiet, watching a movie with your family, a pool table, bedrooms or other recreation can only be accomplished if your space is dry.

Foundation Settlement

Many homes in Birmingham Alabama, are built on a concrete wall foundation into a plot of excavated dirt. Foundation settlement can happen slowly, often over the span of multiple owners. Our experts know a lot about Birmingham foundation repairs and know how homes are built in the area. We can help.

Foundation Problems

Foundation problems can spring up suddenly but are often quite gradual. You might notice cracks in your walls, sagging floors that aren’t as level as they once were, doors that don’t open and close the way they used to, or extra-large gaps around windows and frames. This means that your home’s foundation isn’t in the same place and it might need foundation repairs. We can certainly offer our expertise to the Birmingham area. Foundation problems can also come from water issues in your basement. Water trapped in your basement wall can lead to problems like flooding and expansion, which can result in damage to other parts of your home. Foundation waterproofing can help. 

Foundation Repair

We at Foundation Pro Services offer expert advice to help with problems like foundation waterproofing and foundation repair. Our years of experience will have your foundation issues gone, and your home functioning again. We are experts at finding the root cause of any situation. Brick foundations are up to our alley too and work a bit differently than concrete. We have the knowledge to help there too.

We will inspect your problem based on what you told us and take a thorough look at your foundation, ask questions about your home experience, and understand other home improvement needs. We can then discuss your home issues to find the best solution that fits your family and budget. You get a free estimate because we understand how stressful the foundation repair process can be and want to do our job with integrity. We are transparent with a no-pressure approach.

Finally, we do our repairs quickly and professionally. Our services often involve structural repair by lifting and repairing an entire wall to give the best possible result that offers a full realignment of your uneven floors. Crumbling or settling concrete can have big impact on your home, and once we are finished with your structural repair, you’ll know we are the best foundation repair service in Birmingham, Alabama. We truly enjoy offering wall repair and structural repair making it our mission to provide the most positive experience possible for what can be a hard subject.

Crawl Spaces

Some homes in Birmingham don’t have basements, but smaller crawl spaces meant for storage or even drainage. We offer Birmingham relief from the rain and help with crawl space repairs too. Crawl Space Repair can be as simple as crawl space encapsulation, which involves the installation of vapor barriers that wick moisture away from the basement and carry it to a sump pump. The pump collects water draining from around your foundation and forces it through a pipe out of your basement and into your yard. Sump pumps can be a wet basement’s best friend!

Piers and Decks

We are happy to help with deck piers and basement piers too! Your deck should be a place where you can grill and enjoy the sun in the summer – not a place you are afraid to step foot on because it slants or feels dangerous. Piers are the foundation for your deck and need care.


Mold can be a scary addition to your house. With the potential for health problems, mold needs to be removed right away. Mold remediation is costly and messy. Get those leaks fixed as soon as possible!

Your Floor

The flooring in your house can be the victim of a bad foundation. If you drop a round ball on your floor, it should not roll, as that’s a sign of unlevel floors. Nor should you have excessive cracks in a concrete floor. Repairing your foundation can readily fix both of those problems and help you feel safe and secure in your home. We are professionals when it comes to ensuring your whole house “lines up” to provide a more stable structure.

What Sets Us Apart in Birmingham, AL.

We offer outstanding attention to detail. Every part of your home needs to function properly to avoid the stress of doors that don’t open right, water in your basement, or nervously wondering what’s next for your home. You can feel safer knowing that we have worked on hundreds of homes, and provided peace of mind for many homeowners who were a bit nervous about their foundation issues. We offer quality services and are always on time and explain things in ways you’ll understand while answering all your questions – and believe us there isn’t a question that hasn’t been asked about our services.

When your basement is leaking or has issues, like that musty smell that builds up, we can help repair these problems with a keen eye for small details and great foundation repair services that will keep the water out. Water is most certainly not the friend of your crawl space or basement, and we can definitely help with basement waterproofing Birmingham. We also gladly work with builders when you are beginning to build your house and want advice on all things foundation.

Your house is very important to us, and we can work around other contractors and builders while completing the work and doing it right. Foundations are our business. Contact us for your free estimate. Our estimate is written line by line to ensure you know every aspect of the project. It offers more than a number written on paper – it’s not just an estimate, it’s a promise. Your basement needs us, and we want to help with your home. We have been repairing foundations and offering structural repairs for hundreds of homeowners and are ready for your home. Give us a call and we will find a way to help you right away.

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