Is Foundation Repair Necessary?

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You may be wondering if foundation repair is necessary for your house. The good news is that foundation repair Birmingham experts are more than willing to assess your home and assess any foundation issues. Symptoms of foundation failure can be felt throughout your home. Cracks in the foundation are obvious signs, but there are other warning signs, too. Foundation repair Birmingham experts can inspect your foundation and determine the cause of any underlying problems. Other signs include bowing walls, inward movement of block walls, sagging floors, and chimney separation.

Slab piers

If you’ve ever experienced a cracked or sinking foundation, you may have heard of Slab Piers for foundation repair. These push piers are used to support and stabilize concrete slab foundations that have undergone settlement. These are driven deep into the soil below the settlement area and connected to the bedrock below the slab to raise it back to its original position. Slab piers are an excellent option for slab foundation repair.

Helical piers

If you’re considering a new method of foundation support, consider helical piers for foundation repair Birmingham. These piers have an unlimited number of configurations and have been used since the 1800s to solve difficult foundation support problems. The helical design distributes loads over a vastly increased surface area, so it is possible to properly size each pier to contact the most stable soil underneath the structure.

Concrete repair

Using the services of a concrete repair company is an essential step in repairing the foundation of your home. The strength of the concrete level depends on the strength of the soil beneath your foundation. Improperly compacted original backfill soil can make your home unstable. To mitigate these risks, Birmingham Foundation Repair Pros developed a revolutionary concrete lifting method. Their non-degradable polyurethane material promises quick curing and minimizes inconvenience while also reducing safety risks for you and your family.


Efflorescence is a common problem in Alabama and Tennessee. It is the white-grey residue left behind by water-soluble salts. Although it is not structurally hazardous, it may signal a problem with the drainage or leaking of water in the basement. To avoid efflorescence, learn about the causes and how to prevent them. Read on to find out how to prevent efflorescence and how to treat it.

Limestone problems

The most common cause of crumbling limestone is water. Limestone is a highly porous material, meaning it easily absorbs water. This results in cracks and crumbling of the foundation, and the damage is not always evident at first. Luckily, you can do a lot to extend the life of your limestone foundation with proper repair and maintenance. Below are some tips to maintain a healthy limestone foundation. Read on to learn more about this material’s benefits and drawbacks.

Waterproofing problems

If you live in the city of Birmingham, you have probably already noticed that your basement is becoming wet. The problem could be a variety of different things, including mold, sagging floorboards, and pest infestation. If left untreated, standing water underneath the house can be dangerous and even lead to structural problems. Water can also cause mold and odors to fill your house. Contact a foundation repair Birmingham AL to help you get the problem fixed.


If you live in Alabama, you are likely familiar with the common problems caused by poor foundations. This can happen for many reasons, including weather conditions and soil conditions. Fortunately, these problems are easily preventable by asking the right questions and hiring a professional contractor. Here are some things to keep in mind about foundation repair costs in Birmingham.