Protecting Your Foundation From the Winter Cold

Protecting Your Foundation From the Winter Cold — Foundation Pro Services - Foundation Repair
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The cold months of the year can be harsh to the foundation of your home. There are several ways that you can prepare your foundation for the winter months, however, and save yourself future headaches and expensive repairs. Cold weather will cause the ground around your home’s foundation to shift and settle in different ways, depending on the temperature and moisture in the ground. In order to have a peace of mind that your home is standing strong, try these helpful tips.


Waterproofing your basement and making sure that water drainage flows properly away from your home are two essential things you must do to keep a strong foundation. Snow and ice can cause mold and rot to take hold in your foundation and this can be a costly and troublesome situation to reverse. Sealing your windows is equally important in order to keep out mildew and to keep the moisture throughout the home regulated properly. Condensation can build up on windows and cause rot as well so be careful that your home is properly ventilated.

Air Filters

Change your air filters and check your sump pumps to make sure they are up to the task of the winter ahead. Melted snow can accumulate in your sump pump during the winter so make sure to keep it clean of ice and debris. You can remove the discharge pipe as well if you would like to leave it off until warmer weather arrives, just make sure the home is ventilated properly. A dehumidifier or several throughout your home in places that struggle to stay ventilated can be a difference maker in the long-run for protecting your foundation.

Check your Pipes

The pipes inside and outside your home can also contract and settle in different ways due to temperature. Because of this you should always make sure your pipes and gutters are free of debris and able to flow freely. Make sure you disconnect any outdoor hoses, as they can freeze from within and back up ice into the pipes of your home. You can also cover the spigots on the outside of your home for the winter so ice and weather cannot enter. For an abundance of caution, install heat cabling through some of your pipes that will ensure they do not seize up with ice during the long winter.

There are so many more things you can do to have peace of mind about your home’s foundation during even the most frigid winters. We are standing by and glad to help you with any foundation winterization needs you may have. Remember, a strong foundation is the most important part of retaining your home’s beauty and value over time!

If you are concerned about the condition of your foundation or if you have questions about winterproofing your home, call us today! We offer free inspections and quotes.