Structural Repairs with Helical Pier Systems

Structural Repairs with Helical Pier Systems — Foundation Pro Services - Foundation Repair
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While foundation settling is common and not always a big problem, sometimes it can pose more serious structural  concerns. When this happens, helical piers are an excellent solution to re-stablilize the home. Helical pier systems are a cost-effective, long-term, and fast solution to a shifting foundation.

What is a Helical Pier System?

At Foundation Pro Services, we use Hubbell’s Chance Helical Foundation Systems on the homes we repair. Helical piers are large steel shafts driven deep into the ground under the home using hydraulics to stabilize the structure and stop shifting. They are installed quickly and easily with minimal equipment, and will reinforce your foundation to increase load capacity.

Do I Need a Helical Pier System?

If you believe your home is in structural danger, read our piece on identifying cracks and their types to understand what to look for. Deep cracks, bowing or twisting walls, and water intrusion are common red flags, and if you find any of these problems, you should contact us as soon as possible for a free inspection and quote. Waiting can lead to further damage and expensive repairs, and early intervention is key to protecting your home investment!

If you are concerned about the condition of your foundation or if you have questions, call us today! We offer free inspections and quotes.