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A Sump Pump is very important to your home and its foundation or crawl space. It removes flooding and excess water from the surrounding areas of the house by collecting it in a basin and pumping it out. If a sump pump isn’t the correct size, made of the proper materials, or is installed incorrectly, it can lead to headaches in the future and a devaluation of your home.

Sump pumps are sized to handle the volume of water flooding the basement or crawl space. If the pump is under-sized, you may still experience flooding after installation. A larger pump may cost more, but sometimes it is necessary to remove water from the space, and opting for a smaller pump can cost more in the long run.

sump pump quality foundation pro services

Some competitors might offer attractive prices on installing or replacing a sump pump system, but what they truly offer is a sub-par solution to a serious problem. Some might offer cheap plastic pumps with connectors that break over time due to pressure or melt due to heat. At times, they will combine power outlets and leave a dangerous electrical hazard, rather than creating dedicated power outlets for the new equipment. This is a serious issue that can create fire hazards and electrical problems, as well as put unneeded pressure on the equipment.

We only use the finest cast iron parts for our sump pumps, and we make sure to use dedicated power for newly installed equipment. We would never consider passing on future problems to the consumer by installing less than stellar equipment. We promise to make sure your sump pump system operates at the highest level and does so for years to come to protect the foundation of your home. As the foundation of your home goes, so does its value, and that it should be protected.

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Waterproofing your home, basement, and foundation is such an important job that you can’t leave to just any discount company that you come across. They might even offer a discount, but if future repairs are needed due to plastic equipment, you will end up paying that and more to protect your home when the sump pump fails. Choose the professionals that will make sure you have the best equipment at a fair cost, and that it will keep your home safe for years to come at no additional cost. We will ensure that you feel safe and secure that your foundation and basement are dry and protected. Contact us today to learn how!