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A flooded basement can lead to dangerous mold and wood rot. This can lead to costly damages to your home and belongings and pose health risks to your family.

Sump pumps can be a solution to this problem. Allow the experts at Foundation Pro Services to evaluate your moisture concerns and if a sump pump is the cure, we’ll be glad to provide you with many options priced for every budget.

How Does a Sump Pump Work?

Whether we are having basement waterproofing Birmingham or crawlspace, we have to do something with the water. When waterproofing, we are installing a French drain around the outside perimeter of the basement or crawlspace. The drainage system is sloped for the water to flow towards a sump basin and sump pump, or we can use gravity to discharge water to the outside in some situations.

A sump pump is placed in the lowest part of your basement where water pools. They are made of two parts, a float switch and a mechanical pump. If your basement floods and the level rises, the float switch lifts high enough to activate the pump and water is pumped out of the basement through a pipe. If you have water repeatedly leaking into and flooding your basement, a sump pump is the answer to getting that water out of your home and keeping your greatest investment safe. 

Not all sump pumps are created equal. Some are made of cheap plastic and just not up to the task for most systems. Generally, the cheaper pumps do not last as long and they almost never pump as much water volume as a higher quality pump.

If the sump pump is improperly sized for the amount of water entering the sump, the pump will run more often. When a pump gets hot, the pump housing can expand allowing the internal bearings and other parts to move increasing  pump wear and eventual premature failure.

Larger more expensive pumps are generally 3/4 hp and come with cast iron bases and housings. These pumps pump on an average of 87 gallons per minute.

If a drainage system is super critical, like for finished basement areas, we have a dual ac/dc pump that switches from ac power to a battery when the power is off. As you would guess, this scenario is only as good as the pumps run time on a battery. For areas that are prone to extended power outages, a generator is recommended to keep things going.

Discharge Line

A pipe is installed to carry water from the sump pump and out and away from the home.

Sump Pumps + a Moisture Barrier

Sump pumps are often used alongside other waterproofing measures, like a moisture barrier or French drain system.

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