Worker’s Compensation Insurance: Why We Have It & You Need It

Worker-s Compensation Insurance — Foundation Pro Services - Foundation Repair
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As a homeowner, there is much to consider when hiring a company to work on your home. We have discussed how to compare contractor bids, but there’s more you should consider than what is on your quote. How is their reputation? How does their quote compare to other companies? Some questions you may not know to ask, though. The most commonly overlooked, and potentially most costly question you could ask is whether the company is armed with worker’s compensation insurance.

Why do we need worker’s compensation insurance?

What would happen if you hired a contractor to work at your house, and one of their employee’s was injured on the job?  You might think your homeowner’s insurance would cover this, but this is not always true! A typical homeowner’s insurance does not have worker’s compensation coverage, and if it does cover bodily injury, it may not be enough. If the contractor does not have a worker’s compensation policy, you are liable for the costs.

Does Foundation Pro Services have Worker’s Compensation Insurance?

We take your security and the safety of our team very seriously! For the protection of everyone on site and our customers, Foundation Pro Services always carries worker’s compensation insurance. You can rest assured knowing that in the unlikely event that someone is in an accident working on your home, we are covered!

Whether you’re hiring FPS, or have chosen another route, always make sure the workers are covered before making your choice! Don’t gamble with your home, safety, and security when choosing a team for your job.